Join a Team

If you are returning to netball, have recently moved to the area, or are a new player looking to join a team, then this is the page for you!

The Norwich Netball League runs a competitive league throughout the summer from March to July. We also run a competitive indoor winter league from September to March, and 2 outdoor ‘friendly’ winter leagues.

Here’s what to do:

We have many teams within the Norwich League, and several larger clubs. Some teams have weekly training sessions, some don’t! There is a team in Norwich to suit every level of netball and every level of commitment!

There are lots of ways to find a new team. To start with you could view the fixtures (available on this website) for the division you think might suit your experience level and then go and watch some of their games – that way you will also get to meet the teams and maybe after the game have a chat with the captain or coach and ask about joining them for a training session before you decide.

Alternatively we have a thriving netball community on Facebook, so you could also put a message on there saying that you are looking to play: 

Before you can play in any of the Norwich League games or enter any Norfolk-run course or tournament, you must be affiliated to England Netball.  This membership gives you benefits such as playing insurance and subscription to the England Netball Magazine, and is payable in August every year. Visit the England Netball website for membership details and how to affiliate. 

Looking to get ‘Back to Netball’:

‘Back to Netball’ is a project set up to provide a gentle reintroduction to the sport for adults of all ages and abilities. Sessions are coach led and cover the basics of the game, from chest passes to footwork. Whether it is about rediscovering sporting abilities you forgot you had, about getting active again or just meeting a group of like-minded ladies, it really is all about having fun and enjoying the sport, and is open to absolutely everyone.

For any queries relating to the above, please see the EN website.  

Need some help:

If you’d like some help finding a team or would be interested in finding out about ‘Back to netball’ sessions then contact  the NDO for Norfolk via Norfolk County Netball.


If you’re a new team wishing to join the NNL then please get in contact with us at

We run 2 seasons (winter and summer) and have registration periods where you’d need to register your wish to join.

Please have a read of our NNL Handbook as this will details what is required from clubs/team who participate in any NNL league or visit our About Our League Page for more information.